Tara-Marie Tighe

Tiggy Ara is a photographer and creative director. Her work has been published in the likes of Hunger Magazine, Nylon, The Fader and Cene. Specialising in analogue as well as digital, Tiggy Ara shoots stills and directs fashion films. Progressively making her way in the music industry, shooting artist portraits and single covers. Normally based in London, the nature of her work means she is often travelling between countries, recently New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin, breaking boundaries between social norms with a different outlook. Both styling and locations are her inspiration with regards to the aesthetics of working with different colour combinations. If there were two words to describe Tiggy Ara's work it would be "soft but raw."

She explains "I think the one thing that drew me to photography was the ability to create a whole narrative in one frame, and it can be anything you want, I'm a bit of a daydreamer but a very impatient daydreamer, so I really enjoy the whole process of visualising an idea and then being able to create it far more quickly than it would ever happen in real life."

'Cene Magazine'